Financial Executive Women

Financial Executive Women (FEW) was developed to recognize a need for the industry to provide a base where women who are already successful, are able to obtain advice and guidance in an effort to help them realise their full potential based on merit.


Within FEW a program has been developed based on Executive Members being Career Advocates for future leaders, providing an avenue where members can discuss confidential issues and seek guidance.


One major difference between FEW and existing female organisations is that the FEW member base is exclusive and by invitation only. Members need to have specific backgrounds and qualifications to qualify. The women within FEW have already been recognised as successful, but have more steps to go to realise their full potential.


FEW helps women by providing a career advocate outside of their current organization who will help them in their career by providing guidance as their Career Advocate. In addition FEW will help women develop better networks and stronger profiles within their own company and in the market. FEW have also developed a forum where members feel free to discuss business issues in strict confidence with other members who are bound by the same ethics and trust. This is what we feel will really help women to be on an equal playing ground.


FEW wants to ensure women progress in their careers not because quotas need to be filled, but because they are the best person for the role. We want to ensure they are given the proper guidance by experienced advocates within their industry to give them the best chance of presenting themselves in the workforce and for new positions that they apply for in the future. We are not the minority, we need to realise that and have confidence to achieve our goals and take charge of our careers.


FEW was founded by Judith Beck, Managing Director of Financial Recruitment Group. Judith has had 20 years experience in placing high level executives within Financial Services and has a strong understanding as to why the number of women is limited at senior levels. Her goal with FEW is to empower women to help themselves and to move away from past perceptions. FEW is also supported by a group of founding members who are at executive level from several major Financial Institutions within Australia. These Founding Members are committed to ensure that women within the industry are meeting their full potential.

The initial requirements for FEW are: 

  • Proven track record of success within Financial Services 
  • Proven leadership qualities and a positive attitude. 
  • Ability to ensure strict confidentiality of information 
  • Strong academic qualifications or working towards. 
  • Passion for the Financial Services industry and a commitment to developing a successful career and helping others to do the same.


FEW has been launched.  Please go to our website