Executive Recruitment

The only way to truly know if you are getting the best candidate in the market is by engaging in an executive search process. This needs to be conducted with only one firm who will understand your business and culture, who will also represent you professionally in the market. Good candidates need to be tapped on the shoulder and presented with an opportunity. They very rarely answer an ad and are very sensitive, with good reason, about their confidentiality. Only experienced consultants understand the importance of the candidate relationship. Good candidates will not trust consultants who are inexperienced and only interested in making a quick placement. Your search process needs to be handled with care, confidentiality, professionalism and experience.

At Financial Recruitment Group we partner with you during the whole search process. We make sure we have taken a full job brief and have a complete understanding of the role. We will then conduct a full search of the market nationally to obtain a long list of candidates that we will discuss with you. Each step of the way you will be informed of our progress. Our interview process is detailed and behavioural based designed for specific positions. We will also include any internal candidates in our process to be benchmarked equally with external candidates. Most importantly, we will consult to you and will tell you realities and important market information. Our consultants are experienced senior professionals who will be direct and honest with you.