Our Profile

Financial Recruitment Group is a recruitment consultancy that focuses on providing organisations within Financial Services strategic advice on how to best structure their recruitment processes.

With 25 years’ experience in Executive Search, our experience will help organisations find the best process when they are hiring staff. We are no longer recruiters, instead we help organisations recruit by advising on the best process.

In today’s environment, there are so many options when you are deciding to hire. Should your business do a search, hire internally, use an external supplier or advertise. The method you decide could be the difference between hiring a staff member or a talented staff member.

In addition, with our experience and deep understanding of the financial services industry we advise on Gender Diversity, Supplier Selection, Tender Reviews, Business Coaching, and Succession Planning.

Our business focus has moved over to Financial Executive Women (FEW). A business developed in 2013 designed to provide a Career Advocacy Program for successful women within Financial Services. The Career Advocacy Program is designed specifically so FEW members can obtain advice, guidance and support from more experienced members to help them achieve their full potential.

The members within FEW are already successful. However, they either have more steps to go to realise their full potential, or they wish to confidentially seek advice from like-minded individuals, who have similar experience but are outside their current organisation.


Senior Level Specialisation

  • Supplier selection
  • Tender reviews
  • Gender diversity
  • Business coaching
  • Succession planning